Thank You for a Great Year!

We moved to Uganda 14 years ago because our heart broke when we saw the dire condition of the people there. Extreme poverty, rampant sinfulness, and the breakdown of the family left children to fend for themselves. No church existed anywhere near our village; Christ was not anywhere on the minds of the villagers. 

That’s why SOS Ministries is dedicated to two goals: to strengthen the church throughout Uganda and reach our community for Christ! For 14 years, God has so blessed that effort! 

Your prayers and support over these years have been a tangible example of God’s blessing to make this happen. Thank you! 

Children in class at Legacy.

Today, 400 children make their way to our school, Legacy Christian Academy, to receive the high-quality education that will help break that cycle of poverty. Even more so, they are taught about the eternal hope of salvation through Jesus Christ

This year we also saw our first-class attend Shepherds Training Center, our residential pastoral training program. What an encouragement to see these men with a passion to lead their churches in Christlikeness and see these men, coming from every region throughout the country, make a national impact on the church! 

God has also been so faithful in our local church, Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe. Each Sunday, the pews overflow with our friends from all over the surrounding villages as they fellowship and sit under His Word. More and more people continue to come to Christ, get baptized, and urge others to do the same. 

While we are so thankful for what God’s accomplished so far, we continue to press on because there is still so much work to do! 

The picture painted of our village still rings true near us and throughout the country. There are still people who need to hear about Christ, churches that need strengthening, pastors that need training, and so many children who need to be given the opportunity of an education. All these efforts, in the end, will mean more people will bend their knee to King Jesus!

You have been so faithful, and your continued support is still needed! Your year-end support will give more the opportunity to know Christ.

Would prayerfully consider making a year-end gift to continue the work of SOS Ministries? Your gift will launch our 2020 ministry year off with a strong start!

Thank you for praying for us and for those we serve. We praise God for you and your partnership with us in reaching our dear friends in Uganda for Christ. 

For the King and His Kingdom, 

Shannon Hurley 
Founder, Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries

PS. December is a critical month for us, would you send your gift by December 31st? Thank you! 

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