Shepherds Training Center is a government-recognized, four-year, threephase, comprehensive, high quality,  discipleship equipping center for pastors.  Its goal is to see God-fearing East African men thoroughly and holistically equipped to fulfill their God-entrusted roles as pastors and shepherds of God’s invaluable Church.  It is an institution that seeks to be practical, relational, serious-minded, financially affordable, and focused on the local church.  Shepherds Training Center focuses its efforts on helping its students prioritize their relationship with Jesus Christ, think biblically and theologically, preach expositorially, counsel biblically, and live exemplary in character and family life.  It seeks to develop pastors who wholeheartedly love God (Phase one), deeply know Him (Phase two), and effectively proclaim Him (Phase three).  It prepares men to understand the high calling of pastoral ministry and be willing to surrender their lives to build and shepherd God’s Church.  Shepherds’ three phases breakdown as follows:

Phase One – The Discipleship Institute  (1 Year).  The Discipleship Institute will consist of 3 terms (two-three month residential terms and one 5 month nonresidential term).  These terms were sequentially organized to help ensure that each student biblically knows, experiences, and lives out the Christian life, that is, he lives out a vibrant relationship with his God, the King.  The first residental term will focus on clearly understanding and experiencing the gospel:

  • Weeks 1-4
  • The Supreme God
  • A True Picture of Created Man
  • Weeks 5-8
  • God’s Glorious Salvation
  • Walking Intimately with God
  • Weeks 9-12
  • The Believer’s New Position and Security
  • Compassion, Outreach, and Discipleship
  • Other Classes:
  • The Practice of Spiritual Disciplines
  • The Practice of Practical Activities (Agriculture, Computer/Typing, and
  • English/Reading/Writing)
  • Foundations of Worship