SOS has been blessed by an anonymous donor that has offered to match up to $400,000 in donations through a matching grant program.  That means with your help we can raise $800,000 toward the Shepherds Training Center and other critical ministry needs.


Ready to make an eternal investment?  

The construction of the Pastoral Training Center is now well on its way!  We have completed all four of the main administration buildings and are now working on teacher and student housing for a launch of the initial Discipleship Institute in January, 2019. This is the first of three phases (Others being: the Bible Institute and the Pastors’ Institute) of the entire Pastoral Training Center. This is SOS’s most significant endeavor to strengthen and build God’s church in Uganda, for which we have been laying the foundation for the past decade with the Baptist Union of Uganda. Please be watching the upcoming newsletters for more details for the Pastoral Training Center.

Why has SOS Ministries established a Pastoral Training Center?

If one were to travel to Uganda, one would be overwhelmed with the reality that there are a lot of organizations training pastors in this country. They’re 100’s of pastors’ conferences each year, 100’s of missionaries, and over a 100 Bible schools in Uganda. Such a presence of Christian leaders and institutions begs the question of why SOS Ministries, Uganda would feel the need to develop another pastoral training institution. Well, after working in Uganda for 13 years, SOS has come to see that another training center is not only needed, but we believe it is mandatory for significant kingdom impact.

As a ministry we have come to see, despite the strong “Christian” presence in Uganda, that institutions and missionaries with a strong, loud, biblically voice are almost non-existent. We have become eyewitnesses of the fact that much of what is considered “Christian” in Uganda is entrenched in the false doctrines of the health/wealth/prosperity gospel or Word of Faith Movement. As a result, most institutions training pastors are training pastors in confusion or are being trained in a false man-centered system. Consequently, the vast majority of institutions in Uganda are not suitable to be considered a Christian training center.

Furthermore, it is apparent that there are some good, God-honoring institutions faithfully training men for ministry. Yet still, we are convinced that most of these institutions are not equipped well enough either from a personnel standpoint or from a facility standpoint to be able to train men effectively or sufficiently. Most institutions seeking to honor God are very poorly funded and staffed and often are not biblically weighty enough to gird a minister for effective service. The few adept institutions remaining are often controlled by the Ministry of Education to the point where they become ineffective. The Ministry of Education most often forces schools to become universities, necessitating multiple faculties beyond pastoral training, and the schools ultimately become distracted in their mission and are consumed by these other more lucrative disciplines.

Due to such practical deficiencies, we are convinced that there are very few institutions capable of providing high quality training, worthy of the high calling of pastoring God’s Church. Subsequently, God’s church remains weak and God’s truth muted by the booming screams of Pentecostal false teaching and echoing Muslim calls to worship.

We believe that not only is a school like SOS’s needed, 100 such schools would be ideal. An army of God honoring pastors needs to arise, which calls for several, well-equipped, truth infused, and well strategized training centers needed. We hope to be one of them.

– Shannon

To find out more information about Shepherds Training Center, check out our Ministries page.