Legacy Update

8 years ago, Legacy welcomed our first 50 students in Kindergarten. Each year, we introduce a new kindergarten class as that original class is promoted to the next grade. Right now, those students are in the 7th grade, we now have more than 400 students at the school! We praise God for blessing the efforts of the school thus far.

As we look to the not so distant future, we are beginning to make preparations for the next big step with Legacy: a secondary school. Some incredibly faithful donors have provided a cornerstone gift to help get the project off the ground! While the COVID-19 situation has created some delays, we are now back to full steam and able to move at an even quicker pace since the school is not in session.

With the new addition, that means more staff and more teachers. The current projects are focusing on adding housing for the staff that will teach and disciple these dear students. Keep your eye out for additional updates as progress continues.

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