Gospel Ministry Continues

All these months into the pandemic have altered so much of our thinking. We would have never thought that the world could stop. We would have never expected that the normalities and freedoms we have joyfully experienced could be threatened so abruptly. This has been shocking and disturbing.

Yet, what has not changed in this season for SOS Ministries is our undying passion to see our mission accomplished. These events have only inflamed our urgency to establish our mission. We have no idea what the future brings, but while the door of opportunity is still wide open, we want to continue to march forward with determination and vigor. This time on hold has been so good because it has allowed us the opportunity to reload our guns, sharpen are swords, and strengthen our army for the battle ahead.

Like in some parts of America, our church has been unable to gather and our schools (Legacy and STC) have been unable to train. But this has not stopped us from pressing forward. Discipleship is booming, and a strategic effort on discipling our local church and community is now getting all of our focus.

Progress continues with developing curriculum and establishing accreditation for Shepherds Training Center, and we are getting ready to break ground on housing for Legacy Christian Academy secondary school teachers. Our administrative and development teams have resumed work to facilitate our ministry.

While our ‘normal’ ministry programs may not be running, our normal mode of operation to care for and meet the needs of our community is running full steam ahead! Ministry continues!

We know that these times are pressing for many of you, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your faithful commitment to us. If this season has been extra fruitful for you, we’d love for you to consider a financial gift to help with shortfalls we are experiencing in giving right now.

Uganda needs Gospel saturated help during these times, and we stand ready, answering that call still today! Please pray for us as we continue to strengthen God’s Church in Uganda!

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