SOS Vision

To see Christ reigning through His Word in the hearts of all people.

SOS Mission

To strengthen God’s Church in Uganda and disciple the communities in and around Kubamitwe.


Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries USA/Canada is a unique 501(c)(3) faith-based organization and exists solely for the support of Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Uganda ministry. SOS Uganda is a registered NGO (Non -Government Organization, registration # 6863) that is dramatically impacting the precious people of Uganda. Its strategy for impact is sound Biblical teaching in God’s Word, prayer, and the sacrificial demonstration of Christ’s love. Founded by missionary and preacher Dr. Shannon Hurley in 2002, SOS is headquartered in Uganda’s impoverished Luwero District, operating out of Kubamitwe village. This Uganda based ministry has a board of directors, senior leadership team, and staff in Uganda, who are composed almost entirely of Uganda nationals.

SOS’ Plan & Passion

SOS’ Plan & Passion

Plan and Passion for Strengthening God’s Church

What is the current status of the Church in Uganda? The churches of Uganda historically fit the proverbial description of “a mile wide and an inch deep”. They are typically led by one person, either male or female, who is usually untrained, uneducated, and maybe even unconverted. The average church has no structured doctrine and is inclined to Pentecostal beliefs and practices with Anglican hieratical leanings. The gospel is predominantly a message about health, wealth, and prosperity, and the church service is focused on the offering plate. There is typically a desire and teachability for truth, but a lack of a biblical voice to make it known. Furthermore, the typical pastor and his congregation have less than a primary education, have no biblical models to see Christianity exemplified, are weighed down by sin and survival, and lack the necessary facilities in which to effectively carry out a worship service.

What is SOS’s vision for these underdeveloped churches? The vision is to be able to go throughout the country of Uganda, from Entebbe to Kitgum and from Mbale to Bundibugyo, and find a church where the Word of God is preached powerfully, clearly, and authoritatively. The longing is to see African pastors who are fully equipped to faithfully shepherd their God’s entrusted flocks and accurately handle and proclaim God’s Word. The hope is to see God build up a strong denomination of churches that are Bible preaching, Christ exalting, and are so vibrant that they start a movement that will cause all evangelical churches in Uganda to go back to God’s Word’s as its rule of faith and practice. The desire is to see a revival within the church that will transform the entire fabric of Ugandan society, as each local church effectively impacts its surrounding community for Christ.

What is our plan to achieve our vision? The plan is to work with an existing denomination (Baptist Union of Uganda with 1,500 churches), and seek to strengthen all levels of its leadership from the national leadership to the local church leadership. We want to come alongside the existing national leadership by facilitating strategic planning forums. We want to strengthen the Union’s existing regional leadership by exhorting them to fulfill their leadership responsibilities and by empowering them in practical ways to strengthen the pastors under their care. We want to provide a vision for all pastors by promoting key evangelical ideologies through for all pastors by promoting key evangelical ideologies through annual pastors’ conferences. We want to develop upcoming pastors through our 4-year, three phase training center (1 Year Discipleship Institute, 2 Year Bible Institute, and 1 Year Pastor’s Institute), known as Shepherds Training Center. The task is daunting, but the opportunity is inconceivable. We believe that these strategies will enable us to make an impact in this country that will be felt long beyond this generation

Plan and Passion for The Local Community

What was the condition of the community when we arrived? The people of Kubamitwe and the surrounding villages have historically been both spiritually and physically impoverished. When we arrived, the average person was completely ignorant of God’s Word and entirely given over to his or her own lusts. Marriages were considered momentary entrapments, and children were thought to be permanent burdens. The physical well-being of the place consisted of mud huts and unutilized land. The education of the area was virtually non-existent. The people were given over to alcohol, sexual promiscuity, laziness, ignorance, divorce, rape, domestic violence, witchcraft, and complete lawlessness.

What is SOS’s vision for these needy communities? The vision is to see this society completely transformed, built up, and matured spiritually, mentally, and physically. The aspiration is to have a community that is centered around and committed to a Christexalting, biblically driven church. The prayer is that the society loves, promotes, and longs after righteousness to the extent that evil is seen as wicked and thus discouraged. The goal is to see a community of people who are able to intellectually understand God’s Word and who are joyfully walking in it, thus having strong marriages, thriving families, and moral lives. The longing is that each child is highly educated and able to think, read, and effectively articulate for himself in all forms of communication. The passion is to see each man working and zealous to care for his family, and each woman is dedicated to her home and family. The desire is to have a community that whole-heartedly loves and follows after God and lovingly serves one another.

What is our plan to achieve our vision? The plan is to reach our community for Christ by means of love and truth. We want to love them through activities, advancement projects, and by providing an answer to two of their primary needs: Health and Education (Legacy Christian Academy). We want to engage them relationally with the truth, showing them that their problem is sin and their abandonment of God as their King and Lord, and prayerfully invite them to be disciplined to know and follow after Christ. As people are impacted and saved by God’s Word, we want to see them become part of our local church where they can be discipled, taught, challenged, and helped in the faith to know, love, and serve both God and one another. It is through our local church, weekly Bible studies, and local school (Legacy Christian Academy) that our community will be transformed from sin-laden, demoralized, and impoverished individuals to God-fearing, motivated, exemplary citizens. It is through these means that we will help people put on new thinking, break old sin patterns, and to be holistically equipped to not only follow after Christ, but also help others in our community follow after Him.

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SOS Core Values

We are committed to submitting under, upholding, and promoting the supremacy of Jesus Christ as King and His Word as the supreme authority over all areas of our lives and ministry ~ Colossians 1:15-20, 28
We are committed to prayerfully depending on the power of God’s Spirit working through His Word to bring about ultimate change and impact in our lives and the lives of others ~ 2 Tim 3:16-17;
We are committed to being focused on God’s local Church as His primary means of spiritual growth and development ~ Ephesians 4:11-14
Understanding the destructiveness and seductiveness of sin and human weakness, we are committed to dealing with sin within our midst, with an effort to bring reconciliation to Christ and one another ~ Galatians 6:1; Hebrew 12:1
We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility of loving others with the goal of discipling them to follow after Jesus Christ ~ Matthew 28:19-20
We are committed to being a leadership team that fears God demonstrated by our faithful love for Christ, our exemplary commitment to our families, and our upright character in our community ~ I Tim 3:1-7; Act 6:3
We are committed to being faithful and accountable stewards of God’s resources (human, financial, time, environment) through hard work, transparency, and integrity, maximizing God’s kind provision, with a conviction that we need to model and encourage living in a responsible, contented, generous, and dignified manner ~ 1 Corinthians 4:1-2; Colossians 3:23-24; I Thes 3:6-12
We are committed to maintaining a genuine loving and unified environment, whereby, we humbly and joyfully serve and honor one another with affection, care, and kindness ~ I Cor 16:14; Eph 4:32
We are committed to living with a heavenly mindset, motivated out of a love for God, and a passion to do all things with excellence for His glory ~ I Corintians 10:31


Uganda is considered one of the poorest nations in the world, with 38% living on less than $1.25 a day. These needs are primarily a result of the horrific reign of Idi Amin Dada in the 70′s, the devastating results of the AIDS epidemic, and a continued culture of poverty, single-parent families, alcoholism, and various parasitic false religions promising wealth and health.

“African Christianity has established itself as a truly potent force, both on the continent and even on a global level… In many countries, the Church has established itself as the only effective social organization that can bring reconciliation among ethnic groups and cope with many of the economic, health and education challenges in collapsing societies…

Discipleship is rightly being addressed as Africa’s greatest challenge. The growth of Christianity has been sensational, but the follow-up has traditionally been lacking. Non-Christian customs and worldviews permeate the Church. Syncretism is a major problem in many areas. Thorough repentance and renunciation of sin and the works of darkness are often lacking, and many Christians are not free from the influence of witchcraft and evil spirits…

Leadership Training is recognized as the critical bottleneck. Leaders are in short supply at every level—for village congregations, for the urban educated, for theological training, for missionary endeavor and for national-level leadership.”

-From the Africa Profile, Operation World, 7th Edition, pg. 36-37

“Ever since I went to Uganda in the summer of 1995, I have had a deep inescapable love for the people of Uganda.”

Shannon Hurley, Founder of SOS Ministries

SOS History

Founded in 2002, SOS Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization which seeks to provide humanitarian aid and biblical training to all those in need, focusing on the people of Uganda. Shannon Hurley founded SOS Ministries after seeing the overwhelming physical and spiritual needs of the Ugandan people. These needs primarily are a result of the horrific reign of Idi Amin Dada in the 70′s, the devastating results of the AIDS epidemic, and a continued culture of poverty, single-parent families, alcoholism, and various parasitic false religions promising wealth and health.

Shannon Hurley was introduced to Uganda in 1995 after traveling to Kenya with a group of ten other volunteers on a short-term missions trip. While in Kenya, he met a Kenyan missionary to Uganda. During this visit Shannon went with ten others through the country of Uganda. This trip made a tremendous impact on Shannon. His heart was moved by the love and joy of the Ugandan people. In January 2002, Shannon returned to the beloved country. The purpose of his visit was to see what opportunities he might have for the future. Consequently, SOS Ministries was born, officially incorporating on July 19, 2002.

In 2002, Shannon graduated from The Masters Seminary and in early 2006 relocated his family to Uganda to more effectively serve the people. Initially operating a Christ-focused orphanage in the Kampala suburb of Mukono, Shannon became increasingly convinced that God had other plans for his ministry, as He opened a door to strengthen the Church through bblical training. In early 2009, As Shannon’s biblical training ministry continued to expand to meet the great need for clear teaching and training (Hosea 4:6), Shannon relocated the ministry to Luweero, two hours north of Kampala in a remote jungle. From this base, SOS could be among the people and pastors they desire to impact.

Shortly after relocating to Kubamitwe, SOS planted a church in 2009 to disciple the local community in God’s Word. As a result of discipleship, now more than 60 members have been baptized and are ministering to the community. Seeing the need for education in the local community, SOS established its primary school, Legacy Christian Academy in 2013. Since arriving in Luwero, SOS Ministries has grown from a staff of 5 to over 70 full-time staff, and its national training ministry continues to grow, with the construction of the classrooms completed for Shepherds Training Center.

SOS Leadership

“To Equip the Leadership of God’s Church and Disciple the Communities in and around Kubamitwe through Biblical Training, Community Outreach, and a Strong Evangelical Voice.”

With the vision and leadership of founder Shannon Hurley, the SOS Leadership team is comprised almost exclusively of Uganda nationals. The Board of Directors was carefully selected to provide accountability and guidance for SOS operations, led by men of great integrity and respect within the Uganda Christian evangelical community. The SOS senior staff are all Uganda nationals, with a continued emphasis to train and raise up leaders among the local village and Church in Uganda.

SOS Uganda Board of Directors

The SOS Uganda Board of Directors is comprised of men with proven character and passion for the church and the proclamation of Christ in Uganda.

Dr. Shannon Hurley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SOS Uganda
President, SOS USA/Canada Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Okwakol

Vice Chairman
Senior Pastor, Agape Baptist Church
Academic Dean, Agape School of Ministry
President, All Africa Baptist Union

Jacques Masiko

Faculty, Agape School of Ministry
Past Director, Compassion International Uganda

Ps. Abel Segirinya

Board Member
Vice President, Baptist Union Uganda

SOS Uganda Senior Staff

Dennis Katabalwa, Estate Manager
George Kiyingi, Grounds Manager
Anthony & Mary Basaba, Community Outreach Manager
Solomon Kavuma, Department of Education
Jacky Kavuma, Department of Finance
Stanley Kwagalana, Assistant Pastor, Kubamitwe Church, SOS Biblical Training
Edward Kintu,* Pastor, Kubamitwe Church, SOS Biblical Training
Bosco Andama, Worship Director, SOS Ministries
Damon & Jenn Cupp, Missionaries, Texas, USA
Francis & Caroline Bisagni, Missionaries, Texas USA
* Presently in the United States for seminary training

SOS USA/Canada Board of Directors

The SOS USA/Canada Board of Directors is comprised of men of integrity and passion for the ministry of SOS Uganda. The Board works closely with SOS Ministries founder Shannon Hurley in providing strategic guidance, partner development, supporter communications, and logistics support such as short-term missions teams, website, and newsletters.

Dr. Shannon Hurley

Founder and President, SOS USA/Canada
Founder, SOS Ministries

Dan Dumas

Chairman of the Board
Senior Vice President, Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary
Lousville, KY

Dr. Scott Ardavanis

Vice Chairman
Senior Pastor, Grace Church of the Valley,
Kingsburg, CA

Del Seehusen

Vice President
Deacon, Lakeside Bible Church, Montgomery, TX

Russ Collins

Downtown Cornerstone Church
Seattle, WA

Kevin Thomas

Secretary, Executive Director
Faith Bible Church, Murrieta, CA

Timothy Borruel

Board Member,
Elder, Placerita Bible Church, Santa Clarita, CA
Founder, Legacy Christian Academy, CA

Brad Bundy

Board Member,
Deacon, Lakeside Bible Church,
Montgomery, TX

Darcy Derkson

Board Member,
Grace Life, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Eugene Derkson

Board Member,
Harvest Bible Chapel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Adam Tyson

Board Member, Pastor, Placerita Bible
Church, Santa Clarita, CA

SOS Missionary Team

Hurley Family

If you’ve been around Shannon for any length of time you will hear him remind others to “live for heaven” This isn’t just a phrase he says but is something he and his family live out on a daily basis. After marrying his college sweetheart, Danielle, Shannon built a successful international business with clients like Aflac & Hallmark Canada.In 2002 Shannon established SOS. In 2006, Shannon left the corporate world and moved to Uganda to serve the Ugandan people on a full-time basis. Shannon loves God’s Word and loves preaching it. Shannon would tell you he’s just a normal guy who finds great joy in serving His King. He’s a proud dad, and loves sports and competition. He is the coach of the “Kubamitwe United” soccer team. Danielle is Mom to not only their own children, but is also Mom to the15+ other young people who live in their home. She manages the day-to-day details of their lives and keeps everyone healthy and happy while Shannon is busy and often gone with ministry responsibilities. Danielle is also involved in bible studies & women’s ministry in our village. She loves to play the piano and is an accomplished writer. She enjoys writing discipleship materials as well as her own music. The Hurley kids love life in Uganda and are all aspiring soccer champs. The Hurley kids started their own ministry called “Compassion in Action” and they also teach kids Bible studies. Danielle has a B.A. in church music. Shannon has a B.A. in Biblical Counseling, an M.Div., and a D.Min from the Master’s Seminary.

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Cupp Family

Damon and Jen Cupp have been married for fourteen years and have been blessed with four children. Damon has taught in both private and public schools at the High School level and has taught as an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University. The Cupps joined SOS and moved to Uganda in October 2012. Damon serves as the Chief Operating Officer of SOS Uganda where he overseas the daily operations of the ministry. Damon also serves as the Curriculum Director for Legacy Christian Academy Uganda and assists with teacher development and training. Both Damon and Jen are also involved with teaching Bible studies, discipleship, and serve as Sunday School teachers in our local church. Jen has a dynamic and sweet personality that keeps us all entertained and encouraged. She is also an amazing chef and delights us with her culinary experiments. Damon is known as “Mr. Handy-man” and can often be found playing a prank on unsuspecting victims. The Cupp children love monkey hunting and are growing their insect collection at a rapid pace since moving to Uganda. Since coming to Uganda, the Cupps are quickly becoming indispensible and are an integral part of the work here. Damon holds a B.A. and a M.A. in English from the University of Texas and has completed studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Francis & Caroline Bisagni

Francis and Caroline Bisagni (pronounced Bee-zah-nee) married 14 years ago and have three children, Aiden, Emerson, Adelaide. Francis has served as an officer in the U.S. Navy, from 1999 to 2008 and subsequently returned to school to become licensed as a physical therapist in 2011. For the last 2 years, he has worked as a research physical therapist, lab director, and adjunct professor with the U.S. Army-Baylor University doctoral program in physical therapy. Gripped by a passion to see believers grow in their love of Jesus Christ, Francis has pursued opportunities to lead small group Bible study, train in Biblical counseling, and engage in one-on–one disciple-making. He is helping the SOS team establish Shepherds Training Center and teach and disciple in phase one of the school. Additionally, he is using his background in physical therapy to help with patient care for Community Outreach in Kubamitwe and the surrounding areas. Francis holds a B.S. degree in English from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. The Bisagni family has been in Uganda since August of 2016.

Contact Address

Anthony & Mary Basaba

Anthony and Mary were married in 2012 and welcomed their daughter, Hannah a little over a year later. Anthony is a Ugandan national and long-time senior manager at SOS, working with Shannon Hurley and the SOS team primarily as the Community Outreach Manager and in the Biblical Training Department. Mary is a Registered Nurse and a welcome support to Anthony's work by providing mush needed health care support at the SOS Campus in Kubamitwe. The Basabas have been back in Uganda since May of 2016.

Contact Address

SOS Uganda is supported through a broad network of churches, like-minded organizations and individuals that have determined to partner with SOS Uganda through prayer, service and financial support. In the USA and Canada, this support is under the direction of the SOS USA/Canada Board of Directors, jointly representing Sufficiency of Scriptures Ministries, Inc. (“SOS USA”, incorporated in the State of Texas as a 501(c)(3), EIN #30-0127524) and Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries (Canada) (“SOS Canada”, registered as a non-profit, Business Number 83603 5964 RR0001).

SOS USA/Canada exists solely for the support of the SOS Uganda ministry. 100% of all proceeds received by SOS USA/Canada go directly to SOS Uganda. The incidental administrative costs, fundraising, and biannual Board meetings are underwritten. This is made possible by the generous support of SOS USA/Canada boards, missionaries, and volunteers, who donate resources, time, materials, and supplies.

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