10 Year Anniversary

A few weeks ago, Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe celebrated its 10th anniversary! Upon relocating to the Luwero district after 3 rocky years in Mukono, God seemed to be opening up gospel opportunities in a community where the true gospel had not yet reached. The year before SOS physically moved into Kubamitwe, an SOS missionary family from New Zealand faithfully prepared the groundwork by teaching Bible studies to our first employees (a group of construction workers). Following them, we moved to Kubamitwe with a team of African ministers with the prayer that God would establish a church in this area. One influential minister, Edward Kintu (currently studying at Southern Seminary with his wife, Hope) diligently trekked from hut to hut, sowing the seeds of the gospel. Edward’s name has appeared in countless testimonies over the past years, as the vessel who God used to bring the Good News.

One such testimony was of the first male convert from Kubamitwe. Christopher Busulwa (currently serving as the manager of the estate team) tried to resist Edward’s relentless pursuit and God’s effectual call. But eventually overwhelmed by his sin, Christopher repented and surrendered his life completely to the Lord. He immediately began to live out his heart transformation in his own home. Christopher, along with every other man in our village, had only co-habited with his “wife”, but not taken the step of a marriage covenant. When he apologized to his “wife” for the first time, she thought it was a joke since she had never in her life heard a man apologize to a woman in our male-dominant African society. Christopher’s testimony eventually won his “wife”, and she now loves the Lord and raises their three children to do the same. They soon made a covenant before God and His people, along with 27 other couples in our village.

Christopher is only one of many lives God has transformed through His church. Looking beyond the 400 plus weekly church attendees, Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe is now home to 80 members, not including the 30 members in process, plus 18 potential members who have registered for the process. More than 100 people have been baptized over the past 10 years, and 17 new converts are preparing now for baptism. God is using multiplication through discipleship to cause this dramatic growth, as new believers often attribute one-on-one discipleship and one of our 13 village Bible studies to their newfound life in Christ. For example, three weeks ago, a third-generation Christian began to be discipled (the first generation coming to Christ through Elisa Hurley’s discipleship nine years ago).

Will you join with us in praising the Lord for HIS great work here in Kubamitwe? We recognize that only our Mighty God could have worked in so many lives in such a short time. And will you continue to pray with us for our church members? Many are still weak in their battle against the temptations in our society: witchcraft, alcoholism, promiscuity, gossip, financial corruption, and pornography. And please pray that God would raise up godly leaders who will not fear persecution from their peers, but who would valiantly stand for truth!

At this 10-year milestone, we rejoice in God’s faithfulness in the past and trust God’s faithfulness for the next 10 years and beyond!

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