Master Plan

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SOS Ministries is seeking funding partners to facilitate one-time or ongoing support of any of the above activities. The greatest financial need is in the construction of the Education and Training Center. This campus, located on 150 acres owned by SOS Ministries, is planned to include:
Primary School (400+ students)
Secondary School (200+ students)
• Student Housing
• School Staff Housing
• New Solar, Water Supply and Sanitary Sewer System
• 50-acre Sustainability Preserve (for self-reliance, food supply, nature preserve)
• Improvements to Primary Access Routes from main highway (approx. 5 miles of dirt road in disrepair, making daily use and emergency access difficult for three local villlages; limited access during severe weather)
Conference Center
Community Center and Dining Hall
Recreation Complex, including a soccer field and basketball court
Bible College
• Bible College Staff and Student Housing
The School Dining Room and Community Center will be used to conduct Weekend Education Seminars for Mothers & the Community on:
* Proper nutrition
* Food preparation & handling
* Sanitation
* Child care
* Health Education/AIDs awareness
* Dental care & services day
* Hygiene training for Mothers and Children
* Literacy training for Mothers & how they can assist and encourage their children to attend and prosper in school.
* Effective Agricultural Methods -“Increasing food security”