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Legacy Christian Academy is committed to providing a comprehensive, rigorous,
and well-rounded preparatory education to students in kindergarten through eighth grade within a Christian, family-oriented, safe learning environment. We are dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of Christian character in our students.

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Like its Biblical Training ministry, the SOS Educational ministry is unique:
• providing access to quality education will improve “the governance capabilities” of the Ugandan people…educating the youth to be leaders of the future who will be catalysts for change and development in their society.
• building the school itself is not enough—children need the support and permission from parents to attend school and to be successful in school… (therefore, SOS will work with the parents so they understand the importance of education for their children’s futures)
.• SOS Ministries is committed to equal education for girls and greater equality in education (ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend school).

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  The Legacy Christian Academy Uganda Story

It was once just an idea; an idea that would give the next generation in Kubamitwe an education, a future, and a hope to make something for themselves. An idea to impact Uganda; an idea that would create another avenue to spread the gospel. The idea—a primary school.

This idea that has been labored over, prayed over, and strained over has now become more than just a thought; it has become a reality. On February 1st 2012, Legacy Christian Academy had its opening day ceremony. It was a day for students to come see their classroom and for parents to meet the teachers. Because of the culture here in Uganda, we didn’t know what to expect since it is rare for parents to give personal involvement. But the day dripped with excitement as kids and parents flooded in. All but 4 of the 100 students and parents showed up. As the day came to a close, the excitement only escalated in eager anticipation of the first day of school.

This day quickly came and students could hardly wait to start, many coming over an hour early. Some came with backpacks, some without, but they all came with huge smiles, and proud faces, looking sharp in their new Legacy uniform. But it wasn’t completely heaven on earth. There were some crying kids and some peed pants too. Overall the day was a success as teachers kicked off the year orienting the students with the rules and structure of the day, as well as bringing enthusiasm about the year ahead of learning and fun.wamanga - legacy

We are now in full swing, in 2015 we began our third school year with 200 students! We can only praise our great God who has shown His faithfulness to us in this new endeavor.

As we provide these students with a solid education this year and in the years to come, we pray that we leave them not only with a good education, but that we will leave a legacy in their lives that will last for eternity.

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