Evangelical Voice

It is the objective of Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries to develop within Uganda a strong biblical voice that uplifts and upholds the truth of God’s Word. Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries seeks to accomplish this objective through three strategic ministries:
Strengthening Church Leadership
SOS works closely with like-minded Christian denominations to provide biblical guidance and leadership in ecclesiology and related areas of shepherding, with current efforts including working with the Baptist Union of Uganda, the Baptist Convention of Kenya, and the All Africa Baptist Fellowship.
The Nation-Wide Media Communication Ministry
This ministry seeks to use all forms of media services such as TV, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, and public advertisements to promote biblical evangelicalism. The goal is to sensitize the Christian community throughout Uganda to the biblical Christian, preacher and message.
The Biblical Evangelicals Association Ministry
This ministry seeks to coordinate a fellowship in which biblical evangelical leaders throughout Uganda can come together as one voice to discuss, strategize, and promote biblical evangelicalism. The goal of this ministry is to encourage, promote, and strengthen the voice of Christ throughout Uganda.