This ministry seeks to develop Kubamitwe by providing opportunities for educational enhancement, such as primary and secondary education, classes for English, reading, writing, agriculture, and the essentials of Christianity. The goal of this ministry is to encourage and empower the people of Kubamitwe toward personal advancement. This is accomplished through:
Personal tutoring in English – SOS staff work with villagers to improve their English-speaking skills.
SOS staff education – SOS is committed to the educational training of its staff, to better equip them personally and in their SOS ministry. At present, SOS sponsors the education of over 20 students, all Uganda nationals, many from Kubamitwe and other local villages.
Primary School
Primary School-cropped - CopyAs part of its long-range Master Plan, SOS intends to construct a local educational campus at its Kubamitwe headquarters. The first phase is under construction. SOS opened the primary school in early 2013, made possible in large part through a partnership with Legacy Christian Academy.  
Watch this video for additional insight into the future Legacy Christian Academy Uganda.

Future facilities include a soccer field, and eventually a community room, kitchen, and additional school buildings for primary, secondary and advanced education.
Like its Biblical Training ministry, the SOS Educational ministry is unique:
• providing access to quality education will improve “the governance capabilities” of the Ugandan people…educating the youth to be leaders of the future who will be catalysts for change and development in their society.
• building the school itself is not enough—children need the support and permission from parents to attend school and to be successful in school… (therefore, SOS will work with the parents so they understand the importance of education for their children’s futures).
• SOS Ministries is committed to equal education for girls and greater equality in education (ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend school).