Community Outreach

The SOS Community Outreach Department seeks to assist the local community in which they live using a multi-faceted whole-of-life approach. … Experience has shown us that helping a third-world community become sustainable and stable involves all aspects of life (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and all groups of people (men & women; girls & boys; local government & church leaders). Providing assistance in one area or to only one group of people, while ignoring others, will not produce lasting results. This approach takes time, investment, and considerable effort and will not happen overnight—but SOS Ministries is here for the long-haul and is committed to helping the people of Uganda.
It is the objective of Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community of Kubamitwe by lovingly serving and empowering this community. Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries seeks to accomplish this objective through two strategic ministries:
The Ministry of Community Strengthening
This ministry seeks to reach out into to the community through social activities such as movie nights, organized sports, holiday parties, environment enhancement programs, and community development meetings. The goal of this ministry is to lovingly and peaceably strengthen the Kubamitwe community and connect it with the ministry of SOS. SOS staff provides family counseling, crisis intervention, and builds relationships to better minister to the village.
The Ministry of Community Health and Welfare
This ministry seeks to provide a variety of medical, dental and general health and welfare care for Kubamitwe and surrounding villages. The goal of this ministry is to exemplify the Christ-like response to those who are suffering in the midst of desperate circumstances. With the nearest public clinic over 45 minutes by car (and most villagers with no means of transportation), SOS provides critical emergency medical care and transport to local clinic or more distant hospitals. SOS also provides non-urgent care and training such as
  • Dental Days (on-site dental services by SOS mission teams)
  • AIDS awareness
  • Personal hygiene and fitness education
  • Sanitation and Cooking
  • Agricultural self-sufficiency