Strengthening Churches

A major focus of SOS is the strengthening of the Church through the clear and exegetically sound preaching and teaching of Scripture, and in the training of pastors, lay leaders and all Ugandans to understand and rest upon the Sufficiency of Scripture. SOS biblical training occurs at both the national level, and the local level, and is lived out through the personal discipleship of SOS staff and villagers.
National Training Conference Ministry
This ministry seeks to provide an opportunity for youth and church leaders from various denominations throughout Uganda to be trained in the essentials of the biblical evangelical faith, while at the same time enhancing their spiritual growth and vibrancy. This ministry will also enable SOS Ministries to expose its services and build a transparent relationship with church leaders and denominations. This year SOS is hosting its fourth series of annual pastors’ conferences for the Baptist Union’s 1,500 pastors. Over the past four years, SOS has hosted 27 pastors' conferences throughout the country. Building on last year’s “Glorious Gospel Conference” (an exegetical study through Romans 1-4), this year SOS is hosting the “Transformed Life Conference” (an exegetical study through Romans 5-8).
Due to limited transportation and financial resources in Uganda, SOS brings the Conferences to the pastors, strategically choosing a venue for each of the major geographic regions in Uganda. SOS often provides transportation assistance to help the local church overcome obstacles to participate.
Each year, SOS hosts the following Conferences, in addition to local events and doctrinal guidance:
• Regional Pastors’ Conferences
• National Youth Conference
• National Womens’ Conference
Pastoral Care Ministry
SOS has a unique, Pauline approach to biblical training and discipleship, combining a love for God’s Word with a practical, sincere expression of love for His people. In all of SOS’ ministries, the teaching and training is accompanied by a sincere love for the people. In Biblical Training, SOS has spent the last five years building relationships and caring for the pastors and people of the Uganda that attend the National Conferences. SOS helps strengthen and guide Church leadership, build Church unity, encourage and challenge when appropriate, and model a shepherd’s love for the people by consistently showing love for the pastors and their flocks.
Bible College Ministry
Bible Training Center-cropped - CopyThis ministry seeks to prepare men to be God-honoring pastors, teachers, and leaders within God’s local churches. This ministry is a four year, comprehensively accredited Bible training program which equips pastors to be spiritually, educationally, socially, professionally, and practically prepared for a life of full time service. The Bible College is part of the SOS long range Master Plan, with initial facilities planned for construction in 2013. Ultimately, the Bible College campus is planned as a national training institute complete with a Bible College, conference center, housing for staff and students, and related facilities.
Model Church Ministry
This ministry is built upon the local church established by SOS in Kubamitwe village, as a “model church”, providing a living example of the biblical principles pertaining to the role and function of the pastor, church, and congregation. Through the local church, SOS staff and short-term mission teams, SOS regularly hosts Vacation Bible Schools for the Kubamitwe youth, often having over 100 children attend.
Personal Discipleship
Through the local church in Kubamitwe, SOS senior staff practice what they preach in biblical discipleship of Kubamitwe villagers through bible studies, and in discipleship, encouragement and spiritual accountability among SOS staff and students.