Hurley Family October, 2011 3Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries is a unique 501(c)(3) faith-based organization, dramatically impacting the precious people of Uganda through sound Biblical teaching and training in God’s Word, and through sacrificially demonstrating Christ’s love. Founded by missionary and preacher Shannon Hurley in 2002, SOS is headquartered in Uganda’s impoverished Luweero District, operating out of Kubamitwe village. The SOS Board of Directors, senior leadership and staff are composed almost entirely of Uganda nationals.
Loving People. SOS models Christ through compassion and humanitarian aid to the local villages, from dental, sanitation and emergency medical assistance, to offering quality education, and discipling staff and villagers through an SOS-established local church. Last year, SOS constructed a 270-seat local church, as well as founded Legacy Christian Academy Uganda, with opening of a Primary School.
Strengthening Churches. SOS is primarily focused on strengthening the Church in Uganda, working through the Baptist Union of Uganda and other like-minded organizations. In a very Pauline way, Shannon Hurley and SOS senior staff provide Biblical training and pastoral mentorship, through regular pastoral visits, National Conferences, and leadership guidance, reaching over 1,500 pastors each year.